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I am a retired educator, computer professional. Now I like to travel the world by bicycle, on foot and periodically on skis

North American Birds 2017

2017 Birding Photography 2016 was the first year that I worked at getting good photographs of North American birds.  I made trips to BC, New Mexico and Arizona and made many forays out from Calgary.  My collection pales in comparison … Continue reading

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Cycling from Nuremburg to Frankfurt

Oct 23-28 Cycling to Frankfurt My day in Nuremburg was mostly occupied with logistics to support my final bike ride of this trip.  I wanted to cycle from Nuremburg to Frankfurt.  So I needed to talk to someone who could … Continue reading

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Bratislava, Prague

Oct 15-22 Bratislava, Prague (The photos in this post are not meant to be representative of Bratislava nor of Prague.) Two nights in Bratislava, four in Prague, with a four hour train ride between.  Both are capital cities, both have … Continue reading

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Across Hungary

Oct 11-16, Across Hungary, A good cycle from Timisoara to Szeged, though a bit long and hot, got me back into Hungary where I hoped to find cycle friendly roads.  I had to get cell connection again; my dependence on … Continue reading

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Bucharest and back to Hungary

Oct 8-11, Bucharest, Out of Romania Established now in the little Vila11 near Gare de Nord in Bucharest, I came down at about 7:30 looking for some coffee.  This little hostel is run by a Canadian woman who has lived … Continue reading

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The Danube Delta

Oct 4 – Oct 7, Danube Delta I booked my train ticket to Galati the previous night when I arrived in Bucharest and that logistic was done.  Again it was a big lift to get the bike up into the … Continue reading

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Sept 27 to Oct 3,  Transylvania Crossing Pasu Setret I left Maramures about noon to a 25 km downhill run into Transylvania, the largest of Romania’s regions.  And the one that has been the cause of the most controversy over … Continue reading

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