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I am a retired educator, computer professional. Now I like to travel the world by bicycle, on foot and periodically on skis

Capadoccia to the Black Sea

Oct 12-19 Leaving Cappadocia I headed east across the Anatolian plateau towards the borders with Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Turkey also borders on it’s south Syria and Iraq. I wanted to get into the eastern part of Turkey in part … Continue reading

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On the road – just some photos

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2nd leg – end of walk

September 28th to October 4th After all the hills over the previous 5 days the next couple of days we’re going to be completely flat and away from the backwoods. The route passed between greenhouses in the hundreds. The advice … Continue reading

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Onto the Start

Sept 19-27 to Fethiye and Five days walking It took me four days to get to Fethiye from Istanbul, one spent visiting spectacular Ephesus. Enroute I rode a fast ferry, full sized schedule buses, small mini buses unscheduled, taxis and … Continue reading

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Turkey 2019

I was awake when the call to prayers from a mosque nearby announced that morning had come and that I was in Istanbul. I had gone to bed early after close to 20 hours traveling from Calgary . I am … Continue reading

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Colombia – Birds

The birds I have added here represent about 25% of the birds I captured and possibly 15% of the birds Rich and I saw on our trip to Colombia.  The selection is pretty much a random selection from the places … Continue reading

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Colombia Birding – The locations

In my previous post I had touched briefly on Bogota, Minca, Santa Marta and Cartegena. In this post I will discuss the other places we went, mostly to go birding – the primary reason for this trip.  I have included … Continue reading

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Colombia Birding

Colombia 2019 Colombia, fourth in population size in the Americas; behind, the US, Mexico and Brazil, sits at the top end of South America touching Panama, which makes it a birding flyway.  The Spanish arrived in 1499, drawn in large … Continue reading

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Completing the Circle – Into Dublin

I am doing this final post on Ireland after having been home in Calgary for a few days. Oct 7, to Belfast My favourable wind and good weather came to an end.  It was not a long ride from the … Continue reading

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Ireland, Over the Top

Sept 28, to Westport Cold and pretty clear as I climbed the hill heading out of Clifden, near the outer-end of Connemara. The hostel hostess had made a full breakfast for me, much beyond the normal continental style offered in … Continue reading

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