Colombia – Birds

The birds I have added here represent about 25% of the birds I captured and possibly 15% of the birds Rich and I saw on our trip to Colombia.  The selection is pretty much a random selection from the places we went and of the types of birds we saw.  Most frequently we saw Hummingbirds, Tanagers and Flycatchers.  But also represented here are a few raptors, some little ground birds like the Antpittas and a Manakin and big funny birds like the Chachalaca and Oropendola.  We loved the long hyphenated names almost as much as the birds themselves.  I hope you like the photos as much as I did taking them. If I mis-named some I apologise and welcome corrections.

Colombian Chachalaca

Ringed Kingfisher

Laughing Falcon

unknown so far

Pied Water-tyrant

Ruddy-breasted Seedeater

Spectacled Parrotlet

Tropical Kingbird

Slate-coloured Antpitta

Grey-browed Brush-finch

Chestnut-crowned Anttpitta

Roadside Hawk

Lesser Violetear

Rainbow-bearded Thornbill

Mountain Velvetbreast (fem)

Masked Flowerpiercer

Shining Sunbeam

Scarlet-bellied Mountain-Tanager

White-necked Jacobin

Blue-necked Tanager

Rusty-margined Flycatcher

Common Potoo

Thick-billed Euphonia

Black-throated Mango

Golden-collared Manakin

Marble-faced Bristle-tyrant

Moustached Puffbird

Greyish Piculet

Andean Mot-mot

Cauca Guan

White-tailed Hillstar

Cinnamon Flycatcher

Collared Inca

Empress Brilliant (fem)

Velvet-Purple Coronet

Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer

Greenish Puffleg

Ornate Flycatcher

Summer Tanager

Purple-throated Woodstar

Tawny-Bellied Hermit

Bicoloured Wren

Crested Oropendola

Broad-winged Hawk

Blue-naped Chorophonia


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I am a retired educator, computer professional. Now I like to travel the world by bicycle, on foot and periodically on skis
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